Sinus Augmentation

The maxillary sinuses are on top of your upper back molars. Sinuses are basically an open, empty space in the upper jawbone. The roots of the upper molars naturally extend into the sinuses.

When molars are missing or require extraction, often there is not enough bone to place dental implants due to the position of the sinus. In most instances, we can gently raise the sinus membrane and place a bone graft to allow for the growth of new bone so dental implants can be placed. This is done through a sinus lift for implants.

If there is enough bone present between the upper jawbone and the bottom of the sinus to stabilize an implant, we can often place implants at the time of sinus augmentation as a single dental implant procedure.

If there is insufficient bone present, the sinus augmentation would be performed first to allow for growth of new bone. Once the bone matures in a few months, the dental implants can be placed. Ask about how a dental sinus lift and a ridge augmentation can.