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We will review your medical and dental history with you. Please bring a list of all medications that you are currently taking to our periodontal center. We will evaluate your bite, teeth and gums thoroughly. We will check to see if you have any loose or acutely infected teeth. We will need to see a recent set of x-rays, so we will speak with your dentist before your appointment. This way we can arrange for your dentist to email us the x-rays or have you bring them. We will take only those radiographs that are necessary.

We will evaluate if you have any gum recession on your teeth or disharmony of your gums when you smile. We will gently examine your gums using a narrow measuring instrument (periodontal probe) to evaluate if the space between your gums and teeth is within normal limits, or excessive due to periodontitis (periodontal disease). The exam is virtually painless. This information from the first visit together with your x-rays will allow us to determine the degree of periodontal disease present.

We will then be able to consult with you and explain what treatment is necessary to save your teeth. This consult may be at a second visit (at no additional charge) dependent on the complexity of your case. We will answer all your questions about the periodontal therapy required to restore you to a state of periodontal health.

As we work with most dental insurance plans, please bring any insurance cards or forms you have. After the consult, our office manager will discuss your insurance coverage with you. If any copayment is required, our office manager will be happy to discuss a payment plan with you that will fit your budget, as it is our goal to save your teeth and have you periodontally healthy.

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